I help to create sustainable and innovative legal careers

There is a legal career out there which embraces individuals and the talents they bring to law.  I’m Liz Turner Bate, a qualified solicitor, teacher, women solicitor network committee member, mentor and coach with 24 years experience across the legal profession. I work with individuals to make more of their existing career or prepare for a transition and with organisations to create and implement innovative diversity and inclusion strategies.

 Finding the right balance between your life and career in Law is not easy..

I’ve worked in the legal profession for 24 years, in a variety of roles from global law firms, in house roles and in legal education.

 I’ve witnessed first hand how difficult trying to balance your career with your life outside work can be and how having to stretch the time available to fit everything in, can lead to daily frustrations. I have also worked in roles where I felt I was not able to be myself and I didn’t fit in. Discovering your authentic self takes courage but is the first step on the path to a more fulfilling career.

 Whether you are looking for more confidence in your existing role or for your career to feel more authentic to you, so that it can reflect your values, I can help.

You may be preparing for a promotion in your current job, be applying for a new position as a step up the ladder or a key life event and I can support you by offering accountability, mentoring, and guidance through weekly coaching sessions and daily accountability check ins. 

I have decades of legal experience and extensive experience of teaching coaching and mentoring others to find their own unique way of working and to help them find success in their legal career.

As a Committee Member of the Law Society’s Women Solicitors’ Network and through my involvement with The Women in Law Pledge and work with The Law Society and others on the Legal Gender Pay Gap, I am also uniquely able to offer insight and assistance into development and implementation of diversity and inclusion strategies to assist retain and promotion of talented people in legal organisations.

Find out below how we can work together.

Ways we can work together

  Not sure what you need?

Sometimes, it’s hard to know exactly what you need. If you are feeling disillusioned or simply have a sense that there is something more out there for you, send me a message here to find out how we can work together.   

Coaching Sessions Block of 6

This is a good option if you already have a specific goal in mind.

You may be moving jobs or need help with settling into a new role either in your existing firm or business or in a new one.  

Coaching – Bespoke Packages

This is best for you, if you need help and guidance to define how to move forward initially and then develop an actionable plan to move towards your goals with accountability and support. 

Law firm or Legal Business

 In need of development expertise for your businesses’ diversity and inclusion strategy? I advise legal organisations of all sizes on how they can develop their current diversity and inclusion framework 


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