I’m Liz Turner Bate


I’m here to help you make the most of your legal career. Whether you feel like your current role doesn’t tick the boxes, you need support, mentoring and guidance or you are considering a promotion, adjusting to a key life event or simply more direction, I can help. 

For legal organisations, I am also uniquely able to offer insight and assistance into development and implementation of diversity and inclusion strategies to assist in the retention and promotion of talented people in legal organisations, through my involvement with The Women in Law Pledge and also through my work with The Law Society and others on the Legal Gender Pay Gap.

I’ve experienced a long legal career and within that, roles where it just doesn’t feel quite right. There are niggles which won’t go away.


Promotions, no promotion this year (again), life events, office politics, work load allocations, billing targets,  business development events, balancing it all with your life outside work. Through 24 years of experience in the profession and through teaching and mentoring, I found solutions and things that work to create a legal career which delivers what you need it to. I also created time to be a school governor,  complete a Masters degree, become a Committee Member of the Law Society’s Women Solicitors’ Network, become involved in leading diversity and inclusion projects, have hobbies… and to be a parent to two fabulous but demanding children, one of whom has special educational needs.

Are you working so hard for a compromise?

Are you constantly wondering how to balance it all? The late night meetings, the client work, out of work commitments, business development, what about making time to exercise and look after your health? Are you looking to kick start your legal career but are stuck?

I can coach you to rediscover your values, realign your aims and turn your career into something you love. 

Clarity and Working Collaboratively

My work is not a cookie cutter one sized fits all PDF. It’s a unique coaching offering designed to uncover your confidence, make the most of your skills and help you gain the perspective you need to make changes.

I work with legal professionals at all stages of their career, from paralegal to partner, law teachers, barristers and General Counsel.

I can help you discover the shifts you need to make your dream legal career a reality for you. I also work with legal organisations equipped with coaching insights and a portfolio of existing diversity and inclusion work to help them create sustainable and inclusive working environments.

Are you Feeling The Balance?

“There are always other ways to work, progress and to change things to make them feel better. You don’t have to” cross off the winters to retirement”.

I have worked across small, mid sized and global law firms in fee earning roles at all levels.

I have also worked  and continue to work in private practice, legal education and in- house. I’m a qualified teacher and coach. I have mentored people at all different stages of their career to find a legal career they love.

It will mean challenging your own perspective and often acting with courage, but it is perfectly achievable.  Send me a Whatsapp and we can get started. 

 I can help you to reclaim your career mojo

We are all brilliantly different, yet we expect often for our legal careers to look like those of our peers or those we learnt about in careers sessions at University.  Coaching in legal organisations (if it is available to you) tends to focus on one or two specific issues rather than looking at the bigger picture.

 I will help you look at the entire picture and where you can make changes for the maximum effect.

I strongly believe that legal careers do not have to be linear to be fantastic.  There are no rules which say you have to follow a traditional path. I have had a wonderful non conventional career path and I can help you with that.  We can also work together to find better perspectives to help you to enjoy the traditional path, if that is for you!

What my clients say about working with me:

Thank you for your support, mentoring and help getting to this point. I’m really looking forward to my new role”

NQ Solicitor

You’ve definitely helped ease my concerns about taking the next step. I’m grateful for the alternative perspective you added! I definitely feel more confident going for it now.


Solicitor Advocate, GMC

“You’ve helped me so much with my confidence in law I can’t thank you enough

SP, Corporate Associate

Thank you for your input today into our roundtable session and presenting so clearly on the options available. This will inform the steps we are taking towards inclusivity at all levels within our organisation.

Roundtable participant 

See a link here to my article published by The Law Society about not needing a conventional career to have a great legal career!  LawSociety.org.uk Article

 LawSociety.org.uk Article

Some other things about me

 In my spare time it’s …

Property Litigation, Yoga, Tea and Yorkshire.  I’m fascinated by buildings and understanding how they can be repaired and re-used. I practice yoga every week day to kick start my day, as a way of looking after my strength and health and to fire up my brain.  I also drink a lot of (Yorkshire) tea.

It’s not always the job…

My first legal job was as a paralegal, photocopying and adding page numbers to disclosure bundles (before they were done automatically). It was not exciting  work but the opportunity to travel (and consequent love of travel) and the brilliant people I met, have inspired me throughout my career.

My other roles …

I am vice-chair of The Law Society’s Women Solicitors’ Network representing all women solicitors in England and Wales.

I volunteer as a mentor with GROW mentoring and am working on a project to review and write materials for the new Solicitors’ Qualifying Exams.  

Still unsure? Get in touch with me on Whatsapp to discuss your requirements or fill out the form below;



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