Autumn and Career Transitions

Back to school? Back from holidays or time off with the kids? Back from an early September holiday. Autumn often spells a time of back to routine and back to reality.

I’ve seen lots on social media about September and Autumn and time to rebirth your career, create and start a new business, So, is Autumn really the best time to be starting all things new?

I’m not an Autumn Fan….

I’ll level with you, I have a controversial view.  As some of my friends will attest, September is not my favourite month and autumn is not my favourite season. If it’s your favourite, I’m happy for you! I know it’s good for beginnings and some of us love a routine (I will admit to that) and others will welcome the relief of no longer having to balance child care and work in the really far too long summer holidays (that is definitely me).

But autumn also takes some adjusting to for me. Lots of new routines this year as my children start College and a new year at school and so many things to remember, as the pressure at work cranks up for winter, I long for the freedom of summer and I don’t enjoy cold weather. It is however, the transition which is challenging for me, rather than the season. Once I’ve adjusted to the cooler weather, found my winter clothes (and boots) adjusted to the dark mornings and the darker evenings, I’m OK with it. Summer then seems like a distant memory and I’m in an easier place than pining for the summer at the beginning of September. I can then focus on really starting to move myself forward.

Why are transitions unsettling for us?

Perhaps you are the same? Transitions, whenever you go through them feel unsettling.

Change is happening around us whether we are ready or not and whether in nature or in our careers, it can feel unsettling.

A strong peer group can be helpful to you when going through transition, but everyone deals with change differently based on their background, upbringing and overall resilience. I’ve had a lot of experience of career change, law firm mergers, business restructures and changes in office and working environments, most of which haven’t been a personal choice.

Plot a route through to find the opportunity

If transitions in your legal career are currently a tricky area for you, I can help support you to plot a route through the change to make sure you can adjust and adapt in a way that feels authentic for you and puts you in the best place to make the most of it.   It’s your career and your life and transitions can present a real opportunity to you for personal growth in your career and in your life.



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